Boyslockdown by Ticket2Me will be back!

This production will always be special since the story is relevant (well not just the lockdown) but of how we take our chances. The cast shows the cosmopolitan struggle of living independently or at least just like Chen, who have minimal adult supervision since he only has his sister.

The candid openness to discuss romance regardless of gender and sexuality, and the absence on emphasizing queer flamboyant characters that usually serve as source of comic relief. I find the treatment very polished. The production did an amazing job with props, location, and the director made a clean sophisticated treatment on how scenes are emphasized. The actors may be new yet still promising, their rawness adds an interesting flavor to show “puppy love” that we can still say that amid the gravity or sensationalism of LGTBQI+ story, they made it appear very subtle and acceptable. Perhaps this generation is fortunate to have more open-minded adults or parents that could accept “Love Wins” easily.

BaeDay is an independent media feature of my blog that has been consistent in giving away free tickets during its premier shows all through out this season. We understand how businesses are pivoting these days and Ticket2Me has been bold enough to convey a message of hope by coming up with a story that’s timely and heartwarming, thus we are committed to support it.

Please watch the last episode here:

Good news!!!

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