2021 Fitness Goals

Fitness Centers are slowly going back to operations, following the protocols set by IATF and boosting our immunity are just few of the things we can do to remain healthier. Fitness Army is a Filipino owned company and a brainchild of the fitness media influencer, Rendon Labador.

Should I worry about COVID 19 in the gyms?
Anywhere, we should be very cautious, even at our own homes. When our guard is down, that’s when the virus will strike us but if we remain vigilant and stays informed, then we are doing things better and smarter. DOH reminds us of the following:

The Apat Dapat reminders are:

A – Air circulation (outdoor activities are much safer than those indoor)
P – Physical distancing (A one-meter distance reduces the risk of transmission by up to 80%)
A – Always wear face mask and face shield
T – Thirty minutes interactions or less


Fitness Army Welcomes our Athletes and More Celebrities! (Ricci Rivero, Kobe Paras and Marco Gumabao)

Fitness goals are back, our athletes needs to condition themselves for competition, our celebrities need to be back in shape, influencers need to inspire people to be more active physically and to stay away from vices.

There are numerous germs and viruses, more illnesses can result to inactive lifestyle, this is aside from your genetics or illnesses we inherited.

Rendon Labador, CEO of Fitness Army with brand and digital marketing consultant, Jeoff Solas

Exercise, right diet, and positive attitude are requirements of better and healthier lifestyle. Always consult your doctors and avoid self medicating or else you’ll be just like those who spreads wrong information. #ThinkSmarter

Fitness Army gyms are located in Quezon City and BGc, Taguig.

As we wait for the vaccine, choose a better lifestyle

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