Kwentong Barbero by Cooltura Barber

A new barbershop in Sta.Rita, Guiguinto, Bulacan is getting the attention these days, the services are premium as all items are branded by Andis. The comfy barber’s leather chair is very relaxing and the barber is definitely skillful!

What’s with Cooltura Barber?

The word is trendier, that’s why it starts with “cool” but aside from that , it is deeply rooted to our local appreciation of its destination. In this case it is about Bulacan, part of Central Luzon, known for rice mills, treats like “inipit” and various plants!

The barbershop will offer the favorite basic services of male grooming, from haircuts, to massage and it will extend further as the New Normal is set by local regulations.

Be a VIP!

  • They serve premium drinks for FREE!
    • Overflowing hot brewed coffee from premium beans
    • Cold juices
  • Hot towel for the massage (head and upper body only)
  • Hair styling services
  • VIP perks to its partners

Kwentong Barbero?

The owner is a hotelier and media consultant, Jeoff Solas, as he aims to redefine the popular local term “kwentong barbero” by telling interesting stories. Historically, barbers cater to very influential men. Most of them were presidents, business and community leaders, it may sound patriarchal and masculine in our history and just imagine the conversations between them and their barbers. The barbers are the only trusted people by these men to hold sharp objects near them .

“I aim to start interesting discussions among men and extend them to others so they can have a glimpse of smart insights”, Jeoff said.

The guests will come from wide spectrum of personalities, from male models, to media influencers, to society leaders both in business and politics and more. It aims to inspire and gather men to make things happen.

This is in coordination with Bulacan Tourism as we aim to promote the province for leisure, residential or business opportunities.

This airs every Thursday at 8PM in its Facebook Page and supported by pages of Jeoff Solas and BaeDay.

Make a reservation today and join its roster of VIPs and remain in style! #CoolturaBarber

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