Gameboys 2 features SB19’s Hanggang sa Huli

The best actors in BL or Boys Love series are back! Kokoy de Santos and one of the most successful actor of is generation, Elijah Canlas.

The teaser shows very sweet and expectedly more romantic but a series how have astonishing cast can perhaps surprise us with lots of twists and intense drama. As stated in my previous blog, this is the how we can put in primetime, so hello TV5 and ABS-CBN!

Watch the original music video from SB19 Youtube below:

Watch them perform live in Wish Fm below since the above was cartoon.

On twitter, The Idea First asked, so how different is Season 2?

Let’s keep supporting brilliant productions and let me also know what you think of this by commenting below or tagging me in my social media accounts #ThinkSmarter

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