BaeDay: Male Influencer and Celebrities Edition

It started with a daily dose of cute male personalities and influencers that provides inspiration while we also promote their respective careers.  It’s also about time to highlight Filipino talents that are now being appreciated worldwide. “Bae” is widely referred to very charming individuals that make netizens glued in social media, from their exciting dance moves in Tiktok, to beautiful Instagram pictures, and to more viral content like videos in Facebook, YouTube and more streaming apps.

So they got the looks, what else?

They got the numbers online like hundreds of thousands of followers, they post and they get those digital Hearts and Likes pounding like crazy,  and BaeDay has been very careful to select wholesome personalities only, thus separating them from other social media pages. They have the looks, some may be hunks, some are huggable, some can sing or dance, or by any means keeping us entertained online particularly during the pandemic. 

Jam Morales has growing subscribers in YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and more. He has been visible to various TV guestings, independent films and more. He is a good dancer and reminds us of KPOP but with a real Pinoy inspiring story of being the breadwinner in the family at a young age.

Ace Toledo, has been in independent films and recently took a role in the critically acclaimed sequel of Anak Ng Macho Dancer. He may be taking a lot of risky roles but he manages a boy-next-door image that we hopefully see to get mainstream roles.

Keann Johnson from The Boy Foretold by the Stars, a movie that won 3 major awards during the Metro Manila Film festival 2020 (2nd Best Picture, Gender Sensitivity Award, Best Original Soundtrack), the first of its kind to be done by online streaming. It performed very well that their movie will now be made into a TV series.

The BL (Boys Love) movies and series are filled with gorgeous male personalities that are lined up in BaeDay. An important reason is that they are very much aware of inclusivity and they openly discuss their support for SOGIE Bill.

As an avid fan of BL like Hello Stranger, Games Boys, Boys Lockdown, Ben x Jim that are receiving global recognitions, we are looking at a generation of male influencers and celebrities that are creating friendlier and empowering communities.

BaeDay is available in Facebook and YouTube airing every Thursday at 8pm. It is also available in 8 platforms of podcast via including Spotify and iTunes.

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