Tourism Friday, Traveling will be Safer and Still More Fun

As we watch the world cope up with the COVID19 pandemic, we have seen the massive impact beyond business but also for our health. Tourism has been a significant economic driver to various regions paving the way for urban development and literacy. With Inter-Agency Task Force protocols followed by our local government officials, we are slowly observing the movements of people through what we refer to as Travel Bubble.

Is it still fun to travel?

Always wear your face mask, face shields, (discussion on COVID19 vaccination certification as requirement is ongoing), social distancing, open air, antigen testing, and a lot more are just a few to mention as we become more conscious of mingling with the crowd, but find an instagram-worthy beach in a secluded island or cabin, or perhaps a vast farm filled with fruit bearing plants or vegetation, more intimate understanding of our planet’s ecosystem that used to be exclusive for the elites. 

Tourism Friday is a blog feature that is available in Facebook, YouTube, podcasts (iTunes, Spotify, and many more) as hosted by Jeoff Solas. It’s a private initiative as we adapt to the New Normal. The lockdown and the quarantine are necessary and as the world is reviving the economy along with health protocols, we are looking at tourism to be re-invigorated as more people are traveling to “open spaces” and taking serendipitous vacations in our world renowned destinations.

Balik sa Bohol is a concerted effort of various tourism stakeholders of Bohol. Manuel Sandagon, the Assistant Director for Sales and Marketing of Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort, was the first guest of the show and he emphasized the best deals to visit the pristine island with a whopping 70% discount!

Episode link

For a city hotel with a global brand, Valero Grand Suites by Swiss-Bel Hotel’s Director for Sales and Marketing Mabel Tobias, the hotel was quick to adjust by accommodating guests as a quarantine property in Makati City. The property was impressively outperforming other hotels of Swiss-Bel in terms of production.

Episode link

National Associate Director of Sales – Chroma Hospitality, Joie Olivares, joined the show and having multiple hotel properties across the country makes her equipped to assist more guests particularly for Quest Hotel Tagaytay and Timberland Highlands Resort in san Mateo, Rizal, popular destinations that are very accessible from Metro Manila.

Episode link

Corinna Reyes, Corporate Director for Sales and Marketing of Sunlight Hotels and Resorts, encouraged more guests to visit Palawan and support the local campaign of Choose Coron. The hotel group has 3 mesmerizing properties in the world renowned beach destination. To guarantee and stress-free travel, they also have their own private chartered flights via Sunlight Air.

The Manager for Tourism Promotions Division of Clark Development Corporation, Ms. Noemi Julian, shared in the episode that Clark dubbed as the city of the future has been very attentive and responsive in assisting business locators that remains operational during the quarantine, her office also offered further assistance along with the Department of Tourism Central Luzon for travelers who are using the Clark International Airport (has a capacity twice of NAIA). It also has been supportive of Comercio Central at Mangan Tamu that, a trending open space venue that features food and other local products by SMEs (small and medium entrepreneurs). 

Part of the interview, it also showed their respective personal adjustments during the lockdown like being more hands-on on cooking, house improvements, creative passions like painting, gardening, and their more intimate relationships with their families and loved ones. Each one took an opportunity to remain productive and a realization of the basic necessities of life, definitely staying healthier for many more years to come.

Each episode is a revelation of best practices in hospitality and tourism, most importantly of their candid experience and optimism that tourism will slowly be back by offering unique experiences that can rejuvenate us or pave the way for further improvements in the economy.

#ThinkSmarter by Jeoff Solas aims to tell more stories of inspiration and Tourism Friday is part of its projects gathering the best in hospitality and tourism, catch it every Fridays at 8pm at Jeoff Solas at:

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