Virtual Fitness with Personal Trainers

Gym or Fitness Center is a venue to improve our health and when COVID 19 pandemic became a global nightmare, how can we commit to a healthier lifestyle?

YouTube instructional videos are good but each person has his or her own struggles and health objectives. The importance of personalization or personal approach while we optimize our technology usage is vital these days. Fitness Centers are taking all precautionary steps by following IATF protocols but adjusting to it is a personal process particularly those who are immunocompromised.

Virtual Personal Trainer is now a trend these days where they offer close supervision of their clients. You can avail them to support our gyms who are finding ways to remain afloat. Scheduling visits to the gym is a good idea but if you are living far away from the gyms but gifted with vast open space in your garage, farm, beach front, terrace with an over looking cinematic view, we can simply manage better.

It takes just a gadget and reliable internet connection, then personal trainers will be showing more careful assessment of your improvements. Words of encouragement for the last remaining routines to complete our sets, works effectively.

How about the pricing?

Considering that we have access to better facilities of the gyms  whenever we want to be back, plus a fitness buddy, it’s reasonable to address anxiety and avoid slacking off from our beds or couches. 

The advantages of personal trainers remain credible aside from the fact that they are connected to a business entity, thus ensuring professionalism. This is also another way of keeping our gyms or fitness centers and their workers in payroll, a good contributor to our economy. We are looking at a favorable rate when we can be back in the gyms, either for personal or sports-related purposes. This will be good for our athletes as they give us another thrilling experience in their games.

Call Fitness Army today and inquire of the Virtual Personal Trainers:

BGC Barracks contact details:

Tel. 8716-3928 or

Globe: 09173450895

QC Flagship Barracks contact details:

Smart: 0961 222 3172

Globe: 0927 114 6144



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