K-Drama The Return of Song Joong-ki in Vincenzo

Actor Song Joong-ki returns to the small screen as a dashing lawyer and an Italian mafia consigliere in the tvN drama “Vincenzo”. Hard to believe his boyish look that he can single handedly slaughter villains and during the 1st episode, there has been a lot of fight scenes to establish that behind his gorgeous looks, he can carry a roles similar to Keanu Reeves.

Another familiar face is Actor and singer Ok Taecyeon also joins the drama as Jang Jun-woo, a lawyer who interns under Hong Cha-young.

“Our main character is unique in that he’s a mafia consigliere. This isn’t a story about a righteous protagonist exposing the dark side of society. Rather, it’s about an even viler protagonist so the story will have a larger spectrum than existing hero stories,” said director Kim. (credits to Korea Herald)

This is a 20-episode heart pounding drama series, so we get more extra scenes to perhaps focus on love interest and others.

After Space Sweepers, his Song’s fans can truly be more excited since he is again back in the market as a bachelor.

Here are some steals from his shower scene battle 🙂

Watch here and it’s now available in Netflix

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