BaeDay: Addy Raj

Addy Raj has been one of the most noticeable male foreign celebrities gifted with gorgeous face, amazing physique and amiable attitude.

He was part of a “foreignoy” noon time tv show contest in ABS-CBN and was later on launched in GMA7. Then he decided to be a freelance artist for now so he took part of the digital series of “Hush” by iwantTFC. This cool guy still appears in our Kapuso channel with his recent stints in “The Lost Recipe” and will be part of “Owe My Love”. He also shared some details of becoming part of a BL series to be released online.

As a graphic design major back in college, he is also now doing vlogs and has interesting content across his social media accounts that are irresistibly fun to observe just like the one below.

He admits that his diet is vegan and he loves traveling in the country due to the pristine waters and fine sand of our beaches.

Catch our full interview here as available in Podcast or by video both in Facebook and YouTube:

BaeDay Facebook

Jeoff Solas YouTube

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