Knowing more about Psychopaths, Lee Seung Gi is Back in KDrama

Mouse by TVN is a Kdrama about psychopaths serial killers, is it really genetically transmittable?

First 2 episodes are now up in Viu Philippines. Love to see Lee Seung Gi Airen for tvN 드라마(Drama) #Kdrama #thinksmarter

Do we have cases in the Philippines?

I did a few research online to learn more of this and behold, when I search for the word in the Philippines, it seems that our President was a popular result.
But do we have that in the Philippines? Like serial killers?
Our culture, this article from Esquire Philippines credits the chismosa so it’s hard to have rumors spreading faster in our communities. We also have happier perspectives but does it mean we are less thinkers?
Read here…/serial-killers-philippines…

To give more light on this topic, I did some further research on Psychopaths:

Some scientific literature suggests there is a strong genetic component to these traits.
The genes that make us unfeeling or narcissistic are often selected in evolution because they have benefits, especially if you are a in a profession where a cool head is paramount.
“Evolution only cares that the genes are passed on and they fit a certain environment. So because of that, it can’t really weed out psychopaths and narcissists.”

Because of this, these genes are likely to always persist in the population. So, instead of focusing on attempting to fix people, Neo says it is better to teach people how to recognise red flags for psychopathic behaviours, heal ourselves from any predispositions on being attracted to them, and run “fast and far.”

However, Neo says your DNA isn’t the deciding factor in everything. The same genes in different people can be expressed differently thanks to something called epigenetics. Also, negative behaviors can be learned — or even rewarded — in childhood, leading to them being practised more often.

“Unfortunately, they do not empathize with us,” Neo said. “Their main modus operandi is ‘How do I get the kicks out of hurting someone?’ or ‘How do I get this attention out of making someone suffer?” So inherently, this relationship you have — whether it’s romantic, friendship, or otherwise — is asymmetrical.


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