BaeDay: Shu Calleja Wushu Athlete and Influencer

Shu Calleja has a very inspiring story of perseverance, at a young age he was involved in Wushu as a sport and was an athlete who represented our country. He mentioned during the interview that he will be a coach in Wushu, perhaps when contact sports will be allowed again but that seems very interesting to have him teaching us self defense or at least just get a chance to be close to him.

Shu has an amazing and charming content online that shares more good vibes to his followers. He recently appeared in Gagaoolala – Find YourStory‘s Happenstance and will be appearing in another BL series soon.

I’m so excited to have another TeamSuper very soon, and he is also has a lot of steamy posts, Migo De Vera

I was surprised to find out that he is an independent lad, a bread winner in the family who has been relying to sports and the opportunities as influencer.

Watch more here in our YouTube and please subscribe 🙂

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