Kdrama: Navillera, What can you still dream at age 70?

When you’re 70, what else can you do?

Navillera is a Kdrama available in Netflix. This is backed up by a new prominent Kdrama actor Song Kang (Love Alarm and Sweet Home)
I featured this in BaeDay simply because of its beautiful story and the men are so graceful! I miss watching theater shows.

This is also timely for our elders to discover new interests and it’s also gender bending since these are men who are into ballet. This is not BL, this is about discovering passion in whatever age you may be. Go watch it! #ThinkSmarter

It’s Season 2 of ThinkSmarter with Jeoff Solas, this time I’m expanding my guest list, aside from Tourism, are personalities in business and advocacy who are particularly empowering communities and promotes inclusivity. I’m full support to SOGIE Bill, you can expect that we are making our efforts more committed to provide safe space regardless of gender and sexuality.

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