ThinkSmarter Season 2 with Janette Toral

I miss attending seminars and giving talks, just being there on stage and engaging with the audience but now it’s pandemic so I’m getting used to webinars. One important figure that I consider when I started in the digital pursuit is Ms. Janette Toral. She invited me in the longest running blogging seminar that lasted for 15 years, iBlog. We launched DPOP and collaborated for Rainbow Connection.

Now more people are talking of earning online and I must admit that I’m somehow uncomfortable on their business model.

More are discussing of crypto currency but be very careful since we are in a time where we should be handling more of our finances that is more tangible and quick for business trade. Wat do I mean? With lockdowns, you can only use recognized money in order to buy basic needs such as food, paying utilities like internet, electricity and water. If you’re renting space, then you should be smarter.

Digital marketing is essential, but you need strategy to appeal to the right target market. I have discussed vanity numbers before, don’t dwell on that much unless you are aiming for online ads that streams within your content (but reports of dwindling compensation and stiff competition are major concerns). Imagine, you have mainstream celebrities going online and instantly they are reaching 1 million subscription organically, well it took other vloggers a decade to hit a milestone.

Why do we need to focus more our efforts to our audience?

Watch the video below

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