The Doctors are IN Youtube

Access to right information is critical these days and when it comes to healthcare, we can only trust medical professionals, definitely NOT politicians!

Survival is key and as we seem to wait for the roll-out of vaccination beyond comorbidities, what can we do to make ourselves healthier?

Let’s thank the doctors who are now creating good content online and allow me to feature them below:

Doc Adam

He has good selection of topics and very direct in fighting misinformation especially those who claim that they save lives by promoting insanely dangerous and non FDA approved alternative medicines, which they charge for.

Skin Sensei

Doc Winlove is a dermatologist and a teacher so therefore, when it comes to skin issues he is very reliable and won’t sell you any beauty package. You can also engage with him particularly on Twitter

Doc Alvin Francisco

He is also based in the Philippines, a Radiology resident and he shows more extensive content online that leads to lifestyle.

Dr. Dex Macalintal

He is a Lifestyle Medicine Specialist, in his YouTube channel he tackles more on nutrition.

There are more doctors who are now online and amid their busy schedules they still manage to share more medical advice for free. This is something we can appreciate a lot from them since they educate more people to refer to science, especially those who have specialization, no further excuses to rely on quack doctors. With this pandemic, there are even e-consultations

Be careful from those who claim to cure people from serious illnesses as they present medications without therapeutic claims or worse not approved by FDA.

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