14-Year Old Bimby & Kris Aquino

How do you feel, honestly, when you read those comments and they say you’re gay?” Aquino asked her son for her first of seven questions.

Bimby, who was seated across his mother, answered: “Wala, I don’t really feel anything. If you think I’m gay, alright. But you do realize that the gay community sa Philippines is a strong community. And you do realize that I’m 14.”

“I know what I am. I’m straight as an arrow,” he said.

“I know my son doesn’t identify as being gay, but in the event he ever does, he will still be my son. The bullying you are doing is a reflection of your homophobic attitudes that are no longer welcome in 2021,” Aquino said at the time.

Aquino, in her conversation with Bimby released on Friday, also asked her son whether he has “questioned” himself, on the topic of gender.

“No, not at all,” Bimby answered.

Bimby added: “They’re entitled to their opinion on what they think about me, just as long as you don’t attack me. If you say, ‘I think Bimb is gay,’ I’ll respect that. I’ll say, ‘No, I’m not gay.’ But if you say, ‘Beki si Bimb, kadiri!’ That’s wrong.

“As long as you debate with someone at may respeto ka sa tao, okay lang, sure. If you have different opinions, okay lang ‘yan, sure.”

This video talks so much about SOGIE and it must really be tough being a son of a media magnet like Kris Aquino. Perhaps who could have answered those questions comfortably and brilliantly if Bimby wasn’t that smart and was raised very well.

When Bimby was talking about his dad, that was really putting him on spotlight, but he got his brilliance inherited from Kris as well, he was candid and self-assured that he will do better because he focuses on things or people he could always be grateful for.

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