KDrama: Navillera Finale Soared!

tvN’s “Navillera” went out on a high note!

According to Nielsen Korea, the final episode of “Navillera,” which aired on April 27, recorded average nationwide ratings of 3.679 percent.

During the first few months of 2021, actor Song Kang starred in three very different Korean dramas. He plays a shy student, who bravely battles monsters in the horror drama Sweet Home, a disappointed lover in the second season of Love Alarm, and a talented but disheartened ballet dancer.

Chae-rok must mentor Deok-chul, a septuagenarian or 70-year-old who has long dreamt of studying dance, but had other demands in his time. Deok-chul is also assigned to be his manager and follows Chae-rok around, making sure he eats well and does not work too hard. At first Chae-rok is annoyed, but since he has no family to nurture or support him, he eventually feels touched. They have a lot to teach each other.

“I also learned a lot playing Chae-rok, who grows up after meeting Deok-chul, and I believe this character will stay with me for a long time.”

To play a ballet dancer in the drama, Song had to learn ballet. That’s not easy since most dancers start training at age seven and training can take eight to 10 years. Despite Song’s modesty about his progress, the actor moves gracefully and plausibly demonstrates just how athletic ballerinos need to be.

“I tried ballet for the first time in my life in Navillera,” said Song. “Since I’ve never learned to dance before, I was worried and felt burdened about playing a ballerino in the beginning. So I took ballet lessons for five to six months before I started filming. I tried not to look awkward by focusing on improving the lines, feelings of my moves and gaze rather than executing difficult movements. Of course, it was my first time doing ballet, so I was very clumsy and tired, but I started to have more fun as I improved over time. Then I studied and worked harder to prepare for the role.”




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