Song Joong Ki’s Vincenzo Success, Talks about Season 2

Song Joong Ki is indeed a charmer and had a lot of successful Kdramas available in Netflix thus making him a strong content in the streaming platform.

The series was announced in May 2020, with the first script reading taking place in August and premiering on Netflix in February 2021.

Vincenzo has an amazing villains and no less than Taecyeon.

Assuming that season 2 would experience a similar production schedule of roughly 10 months, fans could see Vincenzo return as soon as early-2022.

The Good boy that everybody’s talking about, Jan Han Seo

As Vincenzo signs off, he makes sure to mention that he’s still a villain – one that cleans up the corrupt and disgusting criminals of the earth and that he will continue to do so because as long as evil exists, Vincenzo will too. We’re given a little too much detail about what’s to come in Vincenzo’s life and just enough about Hong Cha Young and Vincenzo’s romantic future. While it is a clean ending, episode 20 simply does open more opportunities for a new season.

With this success of Joong Ki, perhaps an interesting question now is… where is his former bride, Song Hye Kyo?

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