Twitter Spaces Encourages Online Conversations

The past few weeks, I have been observing this new platform provided by Twitter. It seems vis-a-vis to Apple’s Clubhouse and thus creating the concept of “Social Audio”, dubbed as the more engaging version of podcast. While there are glitches in the app (it’s only available in mobile and started in iphone and later in Android) it seems to have been growing in number of users for both listeners and hosts.

How Spaces work

On Twitter for iOS and Android, when someone you follow starts or speaks in a Space, it’ll appear at the top of your timeline as a purple bubble for as long as it’s live. When you join a Space as a listener, you can react to what you hear with emojis, check out any pinned Tweets, follow along with captions, Tweet or DM the Space, or request to speak.

What’s coming?

  • Ticketed Spaces. Hosts put time and effort into creating space for conversation, connection and fun. Now, we’re working on a way for hosts to be rewarded for the experiences they create by getting monetary support, while providing listeners with exclusive access to the conversations they care about most. Hosts can set ticket prices and how many are available to sell. A limited group will be able to host Ticketed Spaces in the coming months. Hosts earn the majority of the revenue from ticket sales and Twitter will keep a small amount as well.
  • Schedule and set reminders. To make it easy to track what’s happening and when, you’ll also be able to schedule and set reminders for upcoming Spaces in the coming weeks. This way, people don’t miss hearing from their faves.
  • Host with others. Co-hosting with other people to help manage speakers, participants, and if you need to leave, to pass hosting to one of your co-hosts.
  • Better accessibility. Improvements to live captions so they can be paused, customized, and are more accurate. More about our work to make Spaces accessible for everyone here.
  • More ways to find Spaces. More ways to find and drop into Spaces across Twitter – join a Space from a purple bubble around someone’s profile picture in your Home timeline when they’re live. We’re testing this now.

Everyday, we have been observing more mainstream channels coming up with Twitter Spaces from news groups like Rappler or well known journalists from GMA7, to celebrities like Mariah Carey and various Twitter influencers. It is also observable that the number of followers may not be just the basis, and recently they have expanded to anyone who have 600+ followers, thus encourages more Twitter users to host brilliant topics.

It still is in its infancy stage, more things could still happen as it becomes more interesting due to monetary opportunities and why it’s getting traction? Simply, it’s an auditory entertainment that was inspired by your classic FM or AM radio stations without pressure on visuals, but still allows live audience interactions.

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