Hot Topic: Markki Stroem

After his BL series in Gagaoolala, Markki Stroem continues to explore and share his creative adventures amid the pandemic.

  1. Markki as part of The Morning Rush DJ of RX 93.1 and shares with the Daily Top 10 reactions on a wide spectrum of topics. Thanks to podcast, I can still listen to their witty and candid conversations

2. His sexy photos and videos online plus more in his Patreon subscription

We live in a world where sometimes people look down at relationships that are “unconventional” as taboo. This is what forces people to keep quiet about who THEY love, forcing them to keep their LOVE hidden. Whether you be a CIS gender heterosexual couple, or a loving transman and his non-binary partner. Maybe a throuple or a loving lesbian couple. It all comes down to UNDERSTANDING!

In the end of the day, everyone deserves to live their lives with joy and contentment. Let us not cast a stone if we do not understand others. It will only lead to misunderstanding and a lot of toxicity. It all boils down to RESPECT. 🤗

Markki in Patreon here

Patreon had long been a place for comedy podcasters, but overnight, it became a place for displaced live performers as well. Many performers, like comedians, who have long seen their art form as a live experience, flocked to a more online versions of their craft which included Patreon. Read more here

3. His social entrepreneurial project – Evry

He is leading us to fact that the sewers behind every piece of clothing put their hearts into the art.The brand works with a community-based company that helps provide work for sewers, displaced from their previous jobs because of the pandemic.Every time a shirt is purchased, a portion of the payment goes to the scholarship fund of the sewers’ children.

Evry shirts let you do what you are meant to do in life. One gets to wear his goal-getting partner on a daily basis. “Like what we always say, it is meant for everyday, for #EvryJuan,” Que ended.Check out Evry in its online platforms Instagram (, Facebook (Evry Day Wear), and website

Markki is one of the male celebrities today that has strong creative presence that goes beyond boundaries and it’s great to see it coming and there’s a supportive fanbase to back-up this guy.

This is my personal post and the only time I met the guy was during one of his intimate concerts in BGC. At that time, he was also part of promoting an advocacy I was in, so definitely brilliant!

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