Making it COOL (with a barbershop and BeaTea PH)

Cooltura Hub opened during the pandemic as a venue for safer and more stylish barbershop in Guiguinto, Bulacan. This is the brainchild of PR marketing consultant of hotels, tourism events and entrepreneur, Jeoff Solas. “I’m very eager to come up with a barbershop since it’s straightforward to male grooming and I’m very particular on the skills of the barber. I have a background in handling nationwide salons for many years and the pandemic gave me an opportunity to set up my own brand.

It was Cooltura Barber last December 15 but has expanded its product offerings and called it Cooltura Hub. “I had a friend who succumbed to cancer during the pandemic and used to own coffee shops. We conducted meetings and talks in his shops. He inspired me to continue in engaging people to more sensible discussions. I’m from hotel and tourism, we have an overflowing back story about people, products and locations, that’s how I wanted my venue/s to be used.”

I’m from hotel and tourism, we have an overflowing back story about people, products and locations, that’s how I wanted my venue/s to be used.”

Jeoff Solas

Making it Cooler by offering drinks

Last May 12, I have franchised BreaTea PH from a former hotel colleague, the brand appealed to me since it’s local and I like the Keto series. I have a long story with health advocacy since I come from a family of medical frontliners and affiliated with gyms.

Jeoff is wearing blue during the opening, he is with his niece who instantly becomes his model and a milk tea lover!

When I opened my barbershop, I was already offering drinks to my customers for free, a choice between fruit drinks or brewed coffee. I’m a hotelier so I always think of comfort and experience! Then summer came and my customers were looking for more flavors and milk tea got me interested. The good thing with BreaTea PH is that it has 6 categories in its menu, so if you’re more health conscious, you can always switch for non-milk based and replace sugar syrups with Stevia, and the Keto series is very notable due to its collagen, glutathione, then you have Chia seeds and a choice of 3 flavors: Okinawa, Thai, and Wintermelon, then this June, it’s Triple Choco (it has dark choco) a personal favorite!

Why Cooltura by the way?

I have hotel events before which I name Cooltura, so this time it’s a venue, making culture trendier and relevant.

“I’m also digital, so even there’s crowd control, I can still continue with my discussions.” Jeoff has his podcast as available in iTunes and Spotify check ThinkSmarter

Why in Guiguinto?

I’m from Manila and travels frequently due to my hotel stint. When lockdown was announced, I have to be home with my family since we still have to check on safety of our elders. Since I’m back in my hometown, then I was missing some stuff I’m used to like barbershops and restos, so I took the opportunity to launch them here.

Cooltura is about communities so we reach out to more frontliners, the uniformed and the casuals, those people who are persevering to make a decent living.

We have allotted a comfortable space for our riders either from Foodpanda, Mr Speedy and other, weekly we see to it that we can provide them some meals or treats.

We also tap local and promising talents that we can build as influencers, they promote the store and or products. Jeoff is known to be a collaborator with popular content creators in the Philippines and this is a good opportunity to discover more from his own hometown.

Cooltura Hub is an example how we can pivot our businesses and use our passion to help communities and still offer local products and services. The barber services are parallel to Manila’s premium barbershops and salons but you have more intimate and safer venue since it observes similar “clinic” sanitary protocols.

It has more modest location, inside Masagana Homes Subdivision near NLEX Sta.Rita Toll Gate, adjacent to Jehovah’s Kingdom Hall and walking distance from Hankin’s Learning School.

The barbershop accepts walk-in and encourages clients to register due to IATF protocols.

The BreaTea PH Guiguinto is also available for delivery in Foodpanda and other delivery apps. This June 2021, Cooltura Hub will offer 10% discount for orders 2 or more across flavors and sizes as we celebrate Independence Day and Pride Month.

Jeoff also mentions that Cooltura Hub is a safe space since he is part of The Philippine LGBT Chamber of Commerce and sits as Director for Tourism and Regional Relations. Visit its website HERE

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