2021 OPM Discoveries in Spotify

What is in your playlist?

Music is therapeutic and this is the best time to explore new playlists for whatever mood you are in. Perhaps you can still be curious of who’s on top of the charts but hey, it’s all about personalization these days, so no pressure and nobody’s going to judge you I ever you play good old classics.

But how are we truly supporting our local artists?

Here are my good finds:

A good friend introduced Quest since I was on search of music that sounds patriotic. My personal favorite is “Saludo”. He may sound foreign but the lyrics are so powerful, smart, and chill.

Denin Sy is the choice for barkada where all can just simply sing-along without straining vocal chords and having a lot of fun!

Kakie sounds fresh and raw, yet this girl comes from a megastar background. With respect to her mom, Kakie deserves a spotlight on her own from being a real talented singer

So explore more songs and let Spotify randomly select more OPMs, I’m surprised to find their tracks and all what I did is to make a playlist for BLs, check it our below.

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