Gameboys The Movie Review: Gold Standard of Pinoy BL

One of the best actors in his generation, Elijah Canlas, may have set a very high standard in acting among his Gameboys colleagues, yet this was truly a jewel when it comes to casting. Kokoy De Santos, his reel partner, was also brilliant.

The scenes were romantic, painful and entertaining.

No spoiler, but the movie is a continuation of the very popular online series that viewers need to watch so they can understand the whole story and struggles of each character.

Kyle Velino, Miggy Jimenez, Kych Minemoto and Adrianna So have their respective highlights. They have important stories to share as well that makes the movie more relatable and compelling.

Family issues is also one of the vital struggles in the story making it sort of tragic and realistic.

The setting still happened during the pandemic, so the movie showed simpler venues and smaller cast.

Overall, the movie is inevitable to watch from its huge fandom. Congratulations to The IdeaFirst Company, to the director Ivan Andrew Payawal, writers Ash Malanum and Jun Lana, and to the rest of the cast and crew.

So after this, we just want to see Season 2.

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