Movie Review: Lockdown is Brave and Bold

A lot has been said with very sexy scenes in the movie, the brave nude scenes of Paolo Gumabao, a new male actor hoping to succeed in his acting career as inspired by the likes of Cesar Montano and Coco Martin.

Paolo Gumabao was part of iwantv “Mga Batang Poz” and given a big break to start a lead role is truly a big pressure. Will his bold scenes translate to online ticket sales?

IMHO this is way better than the “Anak ng Macho dancer” who also featured same set of actors as extras, aside from the main lead actor. What sets this apart, is that Paolo was really good and the story outlines the best blatant harsh reality of the pandemic to impoverished members of our society. As much as we understand the importance of healthy protocols, however, not everyone has the luxury to abide.

In the midst of lockdown, there are numerous stories of men and women (perhaps younger) who confessed to deal with online adult content or pornography. It’s a moral issue towards society, but it’s a practical choice to help the survival of their families. Who are we to judge?

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