Itaewon and Hallyu Royalty Park Seo Joon joins Marvel

“Captain Marvel 2, whose official title is ‘The Marvels’ is a story of three female superheroes, codenamed ‘Marvel”. The popular Korean drama star Park Seo-joon could join as the fourth Marvel-related hero. “Park Seo-joon is expected to play ‘Amadeus Cho,’ a Korean-American teen hero”. There is also a high possibility that he will play a major hero or villain.

We saw his Kdrama and movie where he was into action and I must say, he got the moves and body

In the Marvel Comics, Amadeus Cho is a Korean-American teenage, portrayed as a sidekick for the Hulk and a narcissist with a brain sharp enough to subdue Marvel’s heroes.

We found this online and what can you say about it?

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