Moreno: No Division, neither Red nor Pink (Yellow)

Do you consider yourself red, yellow or pink?

Personally, Filipinos should not be associated with any color since we have been adjusting from time to time, every time there is an election.

Yes 16 million voters made President Rodrigo Duterte win in 2016 but the majority didn’t vote for him, but after elections we all have been adjusting to his leadership style. Then now as we proceed with 2022 national elections, it seems that we are back with only 2 major political camps.

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I respect my friends whenever they express their opinion and this time, it’s my turn. I was a registered voter in the City of Manila, and have voted for Isko Moreno as mayor in 2019 because I’m sick and tired of the traditional politicians who have been ruling our government since the days our grandparents.

Wala nga ba tayong choice?

We have to pick a different candidate not associated with failed leadership history.

The pandemic made us realize who from our current government officials are performing well. We are seeing the evidences of actions, not by sympathy or anything else.

Is he a secret candidate?

He is a man for himself, not pulled by strings of anybody else. We know by our instinct that this man can’t easily be intimidated.

Can he handle the national pressure since he is just exposed on the city-level administration?

Isko will not be the only local official who would ever make it as a President, remember we had a housewife.

I really wanted to go through his interview as embedded in this post but I would instead encourage you to watch and observe how he maintained his focus. Charisma is a gift and that makes me want to look forward on the day that he will delivering his SONA.

Just like Isko, I won’t argue with other supporters but instead ask them this.

Di ka na ba napapagod sa away ng iba at bakit kailangan maging bahagi tayo ng kanilang sigalot bagaman tayo ngayon ay naghihirap dulot ng pandemya? Buti pa si Kris may love life na, di ba’t deserve na rin natin ang umusad?”

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