Higher Standards in Beauty Pageants than Politics

We can be blunt with our opinion when it comes to entertainment, since it for commercial consumption. We refer to critic’s reviews since we have to know if the material is worth a penny.

But how come when it comes to electing officials, we become more emotional than conscientious?

This is not a political post or an attempt to ridicule certain candidates but I am just really surprised that we demand more truth and competence from “commoners” than electing leaders where the latter has more control into our lives.

Q&A portion during beauty pageants seems to be a make or break portion but when it comes to political personalities, we are just satisfied with their ads.

I just hope that we can be more investigative.

Meanwhile, may I extend our outpouring joy for the success of Miss Universe Philippine Beatrice Luigi Gomez for making it as far as Top 5!

There were a lot of write-ups about her sexuality but still she was victorious in representing us in global competition.

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