Chelse Marie: First Southeast Asian Transwoman Professional Wrestler

Chelsea Marie is one of MWF’s brightest future prospects. A top-notch performer and athlete, Chelsea is the first Southeast Asian transwoman professional wrestler. She started training in MWF in 2019, then made her in-ring debut as a trainee in MWF’s YouTube channel early this year. After a string of impressive matches that wowed Pinoy wrestling fans with her undeniable ring and screen presence, Chelsea Marie officially became a part of the MWF roster of competitors after a high-profile win at MWF Republika 2022.

Colorful, vigorous, attention-grabbing and always action-packed, the MWF Championship perfectly encapsulates Pinoy wrestling’s heart and soul.
It was first held by Robin Sane, another international-level Pinoy wrestler, in 2018, and Ho Ho Lun from Hong Kong, one of Southeast Asian wrestling’s most significant and pioneering figures, in 2019, before being vacated early in 2022 due to the pandemic.

MWF Road to Fate 2022 marks the uniquely Filipino championship belt’s homecoming.

Tickets are now available online via Ticket2Me. For more details, visit

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