Markki Stroem is Back on Theater stage for Mula sa Buwan

AUG. 26 – SEPT. 11

MULA SA BUWAN is based on
“Cyrano de Bergerac”, the beloved story that
has been reimagined to tell a more familiar story: OURS.

Set in 1940’s Manila, the musical now features wide-eyed dreamers, fools, and misfits. Through wit, stories, and music,
they fight for their place in an ever-changing city. However, when war strikes, love, ideals, and truth are all tested –– the young now forced to suddenly “grow up”.

The musical moves to a time after the war —
to a field of rubble, of forgotten memories,
of heroes lost in a country struggling to survive. At the center of it all is the heartbreaking love story between Cyrano, Roxane, and Christian.

Book & Direction by
Pat Valera
Original Lyrics by
Man Will
& Pat Valera
Original Music by
William Elvin Manzano

Based on Edmond Rostand’s “Cyrano de Bergerac” and Soc Rodrigo’s Filipino translation.

Let’s get to know the fantastic and talented cast of the much-awaited hit musical, Mula sa Buwan.

Markki Stroem as Christian
Gab Pangilinan as Roxane
Myke Salomon as Cyrano
Phi Palmos as Rosana
MC Dela Cruz as Maximo
Jon Abella as Tato
Jillian Ita-as as Gabriel

Avail your tickets now at the TicketWorld Outlet at the G/F of our theater or online via and Kita-kita sa buwan!

MulaSaBuwan2022 #SafePerformingArts

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