Wilbert Ross continues to charm in Vivamax 5 in 1

The film stars the very charming Heartthrob, Wilbert Ross and his five gorgeous leading ladies, Vivamax women – Debbie Garcia, Rose Van Ginkel, Ava Mendez, Angela Morena, and Jela Cuenca. Also joining them is an award-winning actress and comedienne who is also a part of the box-office hit – Maid in Malacañang, Giselle Sanchez.

Due to his untimely passing, Dick’s coffee business is left unmanaged. It becomes a problem for Sister Teresa for she has no idea who among the five girlfriends Dick is most in love with and deserves to be the new CEO of 5-in-1 coffee.

She comes up with the idea of letting the women give a eulogy for his brother, and with their stories, she’ll be able to determine who among them is “The One” and the new rightful owner of 5-in-1 coffee. As these women celebrate Dick’s life and remember their time with him, they will share whimsical and colorful narratives and even their sexual experiences with Dick.

Subscribe to Vivamax for only P149 per month or P399 for three months. Visit web.vivamax.net or download the app and subscribe via Google Play Store, Huawei App Gallery and App Store.

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