World AIDS Day 2022: 31% of new cases were between the ages of 15 to 24

The statistics show that 31% of new cases were between the ages of 15 to 24 which is a very alarming number considering that this age group will most likely be the future workforce for our country. The continuous rise in new infections also points to how there is a need for increased awareness and education to prevent or at least slow down this epidemic from spreading.

Manila Wresting Federation Presents Hard Hitting Christmas Combat Event

Following MWF’s highly successful extravaganza last September, MWF: Noche Buena 2022 features a main event involving two of the best athlete-performers in the country – as MWF Pinoy Wrestling Champion Jake De Leon is set to defend the country’s top wrestling title to MWF’s folk hero Fabio Makisig.

Responsible Content Creators

There is a need for balancing checks in internet or social media, it seems that some platforms are tolerating misdemeanor or activities that can potentially harm our society particularly our children. The informal nature of influencer marketing may bring dangers along with its numerous benefits. The potential for misrepresentation, miseducation, or deceptive marketing is aContinue reading “Responsible Content Creators”