BaeDay featuring Darwin Yu

Darwin Yu is a very charming and humble mestizo and perhaps one of the most recognizable faces during the lockdown that makes us also inspired

BaeDay: Shu Calleja Wushu Athlete and Influencer

Shu has an amazing and charming content online that shares more good vibes to his followers. He recently appeared in Gagaoolala – Find YourStory’s Happenstance and will be appearing in another BL series soon. #BaeDay #ShuCalleja

Kdrama: Navillera, What can you still dream at age 70?

This is also timely for our elders to discover new interests and it’s also gender bending since these are men who are into ballet. This is not BL, this is about discovering passion in whatever age you may be. Go watch it! #ThinkSmarter

BaeDay: Addy Raj

Addy Raj has been one of the most noticeable male foreign celebrities gifted with gorgeous face, amazing physique and amiable attitude. #BaeDay

K-Drama The Return of Song Joong-ki in Vincenzo

Actor Song Joong-ki returns to the small screen as a dashing lawyer and an Italian mafia consigliere in the tvN drama “Vincenzo”. Hard to believe his boyish look that he can single handedly slaughter villains and during the 1st episode, there has been a lot of fight scenes to establish that behind his gorgeous looks, he can carry a roles similar to Keanu Reeves. #SongJoooking #Vincenzo #Netflix #Kdrama

BaeDay: Male Influencer and Celebrities Edition

As an avid fan of BL like Hello Stranger, Games Boys, Boys Lockdown, Ben x Jim that are receiving global recognitions, we are looking at a generation of male influencers and celebrities that are creating friendlier and empowering communities. #ThinkSmarter #BaeDay

2021 Fitness Goals

Fitness goals are back, our athletes needs to condition themselves for competition, our celebrities need to be back in shape, influencers need to inspire people to be more active physically and to stay away from vices.

Boyslockdown by Ticket2Me will be back!

BaeDay is an independent media feature that has been consistently supports premier ticketed shows of the BL series. We understand how businesses are pivoting these days and Ticket2Me has been bold enough to convey a message of hope by coming up with a story that’s timely and heartwarming.