Twitter Spaces Encourages Online Conversations

It still is in its infancy stage, more things could still happen as it becomes more interesting due to monetary opportunities and why it’s getting traction? Simply, it’s an auditory entertainment that was inspired by your classic FM or AM radio stations without pressure on visuals, but still allows live audience interactions.

ThinkSmarter Season 2 with Janette Toral

Digital marketing is essential, but you need strategy to appeal to the right target market. I have discussed vanity numbers before, don’t dwell on that much unless you are aiming for online ads that streams within your content (but reports of dwindling compensation and stiff competition are major concerns).

Virtual Fitness with Personal Trainers

It takes just a gadget and reliable internet connection, then personal trainers will be showing more careful assessment of your improvements. Words of encouragement for the last remaining routines to complete our sets, works effectively. #ThinkSmarter #FitnessArmy

Tourism Friday, Traveling will be Safer and Still More Fun

Tourism Friday is a blog feature that is available in Facebook, YouTube, podcasts (iTunes, Spotify, and many more) as hosted by Jeoff Solas. It’s a private initiative as we adapt to the New Normal. The lockdown and the quarantine are necessary and as the world is reviving the economy along with health protocols, we are looking at tourism to be re-invigorated as more people are traveling to “open spaces” and taking serendipitous vacations in our world renowned destinations. #ThinkSmarter

Digital Tourism Fast Forward

As some iconic hotel brands are endangered for closure, it also paves opportunities to the Mavericks who are looking at various opportunities to differentiate themselves from the competition and still be able to implement the new safer travel protocols. #ThinkSmarter

2021 Fitness Goals

Fitness goals are back, our athletes needs to condition themselves for competition, our celebrities need to be back in shape, influencers need to inspire people to be more active physically and to stay away from vices.

Kwentong Barbero by Cooltura Barber

Historically, barbers cater to very influential men. Most of them were presidents, business and community leaders, it may sound patriarchal and masculine in our history and just imagine the conversations between them and their barbers. The barbers are the only trusted people by these men to hold sharp objects near them .